Saturday, 21 August 2010

At the Movies with Caution Wet Paint!

12 months ago I finished the editing of Jay and Kay Save the World and we have gone from this:

to our first public screenuings of the world's greatest (and wackiest) short film!

Now I am ready for Caution Wet Paint's premiere at the Strasbourg International Film Festival on Wednesday, plus next week's fun at the Budapest Short Film Festival. It has been two years since the last public airing of the paint and many things have changed since then. However, it validates the hard work ad dedication from all that were involved with the making of the film.

I still have to pack my bags, but at least cash wise, I am all sorted out. Someone's going on holiday!

(I will be keeping you all updated while I am in France and Hungary, when I get the chance to access the web).



WORLD PREMIERE OF CAUTION WET PAINT: Wednesday 25th August 2010, 7pm

VENUE: L'artichaut ~ 56, Grand' Rue, 67000 Strasbourg. Be there of be very square...

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Asad said...

Vive CWP!