Friday, 27 August 2010

Caution Wet Paint in Strasbourg

Strasbourg was one hell of a town and a great place to while a way a few days while at the same time watching films by other film makers as well as myself. As the first (of what I hope) to be many film festivals, the Strasbourg Film Festival was small and cosy just like the town itself. More importantly, there was an audience to see my film.

Now, for any film maker, this is the most nerve wracking part of the whole process. What does the audience think. Are they going to laugh or do they think that this is a dumb film. Terrifying. I was sitting in the screening room, before my film, heart pumping, thinking, damn comedy doesn't travel well!

But the comedy did travel well. The audience laughed. Not all the time, but they did laugh, and they seemed to enjoy it. And thank goodness, I entertained - the primary motive of any film maker.

And even more important - they liked the characters. People said to me afterwards, where did you find those guys, they're funny! And thank goodness.

Now off to BUSHO, and the next film festival. Caution Wet Paint screens at:

Time: Friday September 3rd at 2:15pm and Saturday 4th September at 1:15pm.

Venue: The VÖRÖSMARTY MOZI Cinema, 1075 Budapest, Üllői út 4, Hungary. Nearest tram/metro - Kalvin ter M.


magiceye said...

thats good on you!!

Asad said...

*Cue funky jazz riff*