Monday, 2 August 2010

Crossings of the River Thames: A look back...


I cannot believe it.

But yes, I have actually managed to do it. To complete it! To visit and chronicle each of London's public crossing points over (or under) the Thames. For the sake of reference, here are all the crossing points of the River Thames in London from west to east:

Hampton Ferry (Plus a How to get there bit)
Hampton Court Bridge
Kingston Bridge
Teddington Lock
Ham Ferry
Richmond Bridge
Twickenham Bridge (Two Posts)
Richmond Lock
Kew Bridge
Chiswick Bridge
Barnes Railway Bridge
Hammersmith Bridge
Putney Bridge
Fulham Railway Bridge
Wandsworth Bridge
Battersea Bridge
Albert Bridge
Chelsea Bridge
Vauxhall Bridge
Lambeth Bridge
Westminster Bridge
Hungerford Bridge (Two Posts)
Waterloo Bridge
Blackfriars Bridge
Millennium Bridge
Southwark Bridge
London Bridge (Two Posts)
Tower Bridge
Rotherhithe Tunnel
Canary Wharf-Rotherhithe Ferry
Greenwich Foot Tunnel
Woolwich Ferry
Woolwich Foot Tunnel

Just as a note the rules of this series were that the crossings had to be open to the general public by foot (so no to the Blackwall Tunnel), they had to be permanent crossing points (seasonal were allowed but crossings like the Jubilee Line Replacement Ferry were not) and had to have at least one side of the crossing point in Greater London (so the famed Dartford Crossing was out).

And so what next? My original reason for this tour of London was twofold. Firstly, I wanted to see a different side of the Capital, but more importantly, it allowed me to just get out and life my head up from the world of work and film making. And it has done a great job doing that. No matter what has come my way, I have always set aside one day a month to visit my crossing point and to see a different part of London. These crossing points have been useful in letting me do so. Letting me live!

On the way, like many things I do, I have got distracted. So my monthly Thames sojourn has sometimes been replaced by other crossing points. The Forth Bridge and the Dollis Brook Viaduct alongside a few crossings in India that were the Guwahati Ferry, the Howrah Bridge, the Manjitar Bridge and the Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya took me away from the Thames, but still managed to get me away from the computer and reality and into the realms of something exploratory!

And so now what?

Well, I think I will take a break from bridges for a while. I might come back to this series if and when new crossings are added in London. But for now, I need to find something new about the city to explore. Something that will get me out of cloud cuckoo land and back to reality. And something that will entertain, both you the reader as well as myself...


magiceye said...

a wonderful journey indeed!

Ana said...

well done! I've bookmarked this post and the plan is to return to it in winter to read about each crossing.

Nick said...

This was a very interesting series. Perhaps, one day you'll be able to publish it... who knows?

el director! said...

@magiceye - and a journey i am dead proud of!

@ana - i hope you enjoy it as much as i did visiting the riverside

@nick - if nothing else can be attributed to me, i am pig headed, as this series proves. the publishing would be good, know any guys in 'da biz'?