Friday, 20 August 2010

Dark Matter and Tamil Films - A Random Blog Post

I don't get it. But the big question I want to ask for this month is, what is dark matter?

I get the whole thing about the universe expanding forever into nothingness, and all of that, but what is dark matter, the thing that is supposedly pushing our ever expanding universe.

If it makes up most of our universe, don't we have to just send up some probes and wait until they hit something that is quite dark?

Is dark matter the fluff from my belly button?

Who knows?

Anyhow, if I am going to get random, what use is there for Dark Matter?

As it allows the expansion of the universe, what would it do if consumed pill form. Is this a new type of Viagra, or am I living the pharmaceutical industry's wet dream?

Doesn't anything reflect of dark matter? If not, why aren't they Black Holes?

You see, Dark Matter has really only been detected by gravity. Nothing else. So it should be there, but we just do not know exactly what it is?

Maybe Dark Matter is made of all the film festival applications I have sent off and heard nothing back from. Oh, I do love (the awful majority of) film festivals. They can be so...communicative!

(Thankfully, there is a minority of hard core decent film festivals out there who keep those lines of communications open and clear)

Wow, I think as random goes, this is not a bad blog post.

I'm out of here. Enough randomness. I need to get back to watching Alaipayuthey. And if you want to see why I love this movie, check out this link ------> One of the Greatest Movie moments ever?

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Asad said...

A terrific song...Tamil reggae has never seemed so logical...