Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Good News Everyone (and some 'post' news)

Caution Wet Paint: Jay and Kay Save the World is in our second film festival. We will be screening at the dual-continental Strasbourg Film Festival. Two continents, as they start in France and head off to Florida in September when they go 'Nomadic'.

This is huge for us. CWP (and myself) have this year, gone to festivals beyond the UK, and have finally had our first glimpse of North American screenings. May the pattern (and the subsequent glory) continue to flow!

Fantastic news for us, and hell, we deserve it! CWP is the greatest and where else can you get milk bottles trying to invade earth along with a comedic duo who can do more than the funky chicken!


On other notes, 'Irfan' is going great in terms of editing, should finish the film edit by this week. Then onto 'correction'...

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magiceye said...

power to you and yours!!!!