Monday, 30 August 2010

I'm off, again - to save the world...

That's it, old faithful - this backpack has taken my belongings round the world a few times and has done me proud. Back in the day, before 9/11 when it was possible to take penknives and shampoo in your hand luggage, I traveled much lighter. But as I now need these essentials with me, I dump this sack of crap in the hold and head off to the cabin with a morsel of hand baggage. Plus now, being part of the jet set group, I actually take a lap top with me.

Will I be online? Probably not. Personally, I love the privacy of being on holiday, even though this is very much a working vacation. If I can get a hold of some Wi-Fi, I may send a posting, but other than that, I am off to join Jay and Kay and Save the World at the Budapest Short Film Festival!

When I get back, I will have travel tales to fill this blog out for a month. Then, of course, I will need a new place to venture too...

And so it has been one hell of a journey from:


but I have loved every step of the way, while shedding a few tears, they are now long forgotten. If in town join us in Budapest for some fun in one of Europe's most beautiful cities along with plenty of milk! Toodles, El D.

Time: Friday September 3rd at 2:15pm and Saturday 4th September at 1:15pm.

Venue: The VÖRÖSMARTY MOZI Cinema, 1075 Budapest, Üllői út 4, Hungary. Nearest tram/metro - Kalvin ter Metro.


magiceye said...

have fun and best wishes for a successful screening!!

Asad said...

Rey Carlos in amongst the gongs again!