Friday, 13 August 2010

Irfan Post 9 - Almost done ;) (how many times will I saw that in the next few weeks)

As the events of the last week have been very hectic, editing of Irfan has taken a back seat (as has writing for this blog). Nonetheless, with the mixture of film festivals plus family, I have almost finished the editing work for the short film. This is excellent news for myself, but the real fun is only just beginning...

At the moment, the film is 16 minutes long. The script, was only fifteen pages long. Yup, that means, what I am cutting down is likely to get slimmed as the 'fine cutting' continues, but for now, it looks as if this short film could hit the twenty minute mark - and that is a lot for me!

While my aim was to finish the editing last week, it looks likely that I will complete the cutting on Monday. So by next week, I can then come back to you with the final running time. I will also have a fuller knowledge of what needs fixing with regards to the film's sound and more importantly, colour correction. That is the stuff that takes up the most time, simply because it van get very anal. I have already talked about my adventures in post production here and here, so take a look at what I am going to go through again.

But, if I get 'Irfan' into a few film festivals in the coming year, then it will be worth it!

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Asad said...

Looks fantastic, buddy - can't wait to see the final cut!