Sunday, 15 August 2010

Take a look outside...

...and see what you are landing in.

This is August, and it is one crappy day for anyone arriving at Heathrow today.

Of course, being 'native', it feels just like a regular summer - cold.

But for anyone (relations...) coming in from the tropics (Seychelles) this is as rotten as it gets.

I have a name for it.

The Heathrow effect.

Basically, this is it.

As your plane circles London waiting for a slot on the runway, you see nothing but clouds. Clouds to the left, to the right, above and below. Suddenly your ears pop and your plane descends below the clouds. Just in time to see Feltham.


Then you land.

Cold, in shorts and woefully underprepared without the comfort of a jacket, hoping that your relatives will be waiting in the arrivals hall to pick you up.


You can guess where I am off to now. Oh, my poor Uncle. How unaware he is of the Heathrow Effect...


Asad said...

A fine post, but I think the Heathrow Effect is only at its starkest when you get on the Piccadilly Line back into town...

el director! said...

or you could try the 111...