Thursday, 5 August 2010

What the film am I doing - Irfan Post 8 - and one more look back at the river...

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If someone ever tells me that filming is glamorous, they need to be told, in a stern voice that it is not.

A director does not just shout action and cut on a megaphone. I really wish it was that simple. But wen you are not paying anyone, it is nothing like that..instead I am burning DVD's, ordering postcards to be shipped to the USA and figuring out the cheapest ticket to Strasbourg. Welcome to the world of Distribution and film festivals. The swanning around at the screening is the result of military-esque logistics, frantic bargaining and much hair pulling!


Secondly, I dubbed the lovely Safirah (who plays the character of Saira) last week and so Project Irfan is coming along nicely.

Seriously, I am dead proud of this set-up. In the corridor of a nice muffled building, perfect for simulating a car, which is where I shot the dialogue scenes between the characters of Irfan and Saira for the short. Thanks for that S!


Thirdly, I have just taken a vanity look at my River Crossings. Seriously, I am dead proud that I have completed this. To think how innocent I was when I first started this series, something that is actually reflected in the quality of the writing style of this series. As I progressed through London, my blogging actually became a hell of a lot better. Whether it is the case of actually reading through my posts before hitting the 'publish' button, I will never know. Still, I would say that from Barnes Bridge, the content is actually pretty good.

I should actually go back and re-edit the posts, but for now, they will stay as they are, 'raw'.

And, as this is the final time that I will crow about the River Thames, here is potted list of 'faves' about my series on the Thames. Completely subjective, but if you want to know what crossings to head to (or avoid) then have a look at these:

Best Looking Crossing Point - Albert Bridge.
Best Surroundings (away but accessible from the crossing) - Hampton Court Bridge.

Worst Looking Crossing Point - Wandsworth Bridge.
Worst Surroundings (away but accessible from the crossing) - Wandsworth Bridge.

Best view from a bridge/ferry - Waterloo Bridge.
Worst view from a bridge/ferry - Wandsworth Bridge.

The most fun I had using - Woolwich Ferry.
The most fun I had researching - London Bridge.

Coolest Crossing - Greenwich Foot Tunnel.
The most surprising Crossing Point I encountered - The Ham Ferry.

The one most likely to kill you - The Rotherhithe Tunnel.

The one tourists must see - Tower Bridge.
The one Londoners must see - The Woolwich Ferry.

The one that I want to re-explore - Southwark Bridge.
The one that I want to re-explore after that one - Barnes Bridge.

And, this was one of the main reasons why I went to all 33 Crossing Points. I wanted to find out which were the best locations to utilise. Locations by the Thames that would best fit the kind of films I would want to make to show how I see London. And so, the most important awards come from the following categories:

The crossing I would like to film - Woolwich Ferry.
The surroundings that I would like to film - Barnes Bridge.
The view that I would like to film - Woolwich Ferry.

And so, for the last time, my vanity will direct you only once more to the link of links, here, for my series of Crossings of the River Thames...

Charlie's Crossings of the River Thames - All 33 of them!

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