Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Irfan Post 11 - Time to slot in the sound

Before I left for BUSHO and Strasbourg, I managed to get the dubs completed for Sippy who plays Irfan/ That has meant that every character is now sound checked and ready for the clean up. Added to that the receipt of the first draft of the soundtrack from Nick and it looks like I am rocking and rolling.

Apologies to my cast and crew. I promised a press pack by the end of August. That kind of got delayed due to the Film Festivals. So I now promise that by the end of September ;), unless there is another film festival - a wish, but I doubt that will happen in such short notice.

Unfortunately, film festivals are not just swanning around in soirees but there is a lot of prep beforehand, including the delivery of final tapes to the festival, publicity as well as the invariable need to book and plan accommodation and time off from the 'day job'. But it is worthwhile, and I hope for 'Irfan' to have greater success when it is completed later this year.

Toodles, I'm back off to the editing!

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