Sunday, 26 September 2010

Leaving London in Style - Terminal 5

Heathrow is a much maligned place to end up. But it is the main way for people to enter and leave the UK. Despite my frequent rants, I actually quite like Heathrow, and thanks to my recent travels to the Eastern End of Europe, I finally got to use the magnificent Terminal 5!

First let us go underground. London's newest extension to its mighty tube network is here at Terminal 5. London's newest underground station runs into the terminal itself, and like other stations opened in the last 15 years, it is big. Size matters and T5 from the very concept was designed to handle the bast crowds using Heathrow. The tube station is no different, built into the cokplex itself, it is light, fluffy and airy - very Noughties...

But let us get above ground to appreciate the vastness of Terminal 5. There are a lot of superlatives used to describe the building, most of them related to the word ginormous. You see, the UK has a lot of old buildings that we like to retrofit and so doing something quite new takes a whole new way of thinking. There is a lot of vertigo when inside, but it is a lush space!

And let us not foget the horizontal. It is a long building. And yeah, count the zones...a lot of them.

I have wanted to visit this place for a long while, but the excuse has never came until I flew out. But I am glad I finally made here to Terminal 5. We know about the teething troubles on opening, but you know what. After all of the hassle, the place actually works. We are not very good at blowing our own horn and sometimes the world has to know that you know what, Terminal 5 actually works, and it is a pretty good building! Who knows what may happen to Heathrow in the future, but for now, thanks to Terminal 5, it has become a lot more nicer to travel through...

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