Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Emergency on Planet Irfan (now solved) + the Original Soundtrack

(First the geekery)

I recently got a new external hard drive. Not much of a biggie you might say, but now I am running on 5tb (1TB on the main computer, a 1TB hard drive, a new 2TB hard drive (both connected via firewire) and two back up USB drives totaling 1TB (backing up only the really important stuff). A good bog standard laptop runs off 250-500 GB, and I am using up to 5,000 Gigs.

Damn movie editing.

This necessitated a lot of files needing to be transferred off various hard drives onto new ones. I then got back to editing 'Irfan' and found out that I had lost half the movie. Damn.

So after panicking like crazy yesterday, I opened up an older version or 'Irfan' and carefully reconnected my files. A painstaking one, but this time I made sure the whole movie was intact.


Now I am back to cleaning up the sound. I will have quite a job to do to get the sound clean up done before October ends, as I am off to Sri Lanka next week. But it will be done. It MUST be done, as color correction comes next. Ugh...


(Now the not so geeky part)

I have been working with Nick Peck, my musician for a very long time. We have collaborated on many projects together, and I do say the word collaboration, as for me, as a director, the music, more than the acting of the picture quality counts in making a good movie, brilliant. And I have been lucky to work with a musician whom I get along with, not just personally, but professionally. Before I even think of doing a new project, I pass it by Nick.

For good reason too. In a film, I am trying to tell a story, but I am also trying to build an atmosphere. Nick allows me to create an atmosphere. And we have done a lot of projects together, from the serious to the ridiculous. And in each case, we have managed to create a great vibe to the film, more due to Nick's music than to my own directing skills!

Nick has written a great blog post on the creation of the OST for 'Irfan'. Do take a look, it is far more eloquent than anything I could say. But more importantly, you can see how we are both looking for the same result. We both wanted to make sure that Irfan's grief for his wife, which borders on insanity, does not fall flat.

This takes skill in making sure the actors and the crew create a picture that is visually appealing through acting and cinematography. But for me as a film maker, it also needs the most important sense of all, the ears to complete the circle. The sound is often ignored by many film makers. We try to fill the void with speech or SFX. But a movie like Irfan needs a lot of silence, something that is just as important as a grand speech. A moment, a beat to allow the audience to register the magic of the film.

And with this sound track, well, as I already said to Nick, I have one word to describe it. Beautiful.

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