Friday, 15 October 2010

I am drunk...

...because I blog.


I rant and rave.

I am also socially inadequate and slightly seedy.

And what is reason behind my latest confession?

Well, I blog.

Ah yes, Andrew Marr, the obscure, state paid political pundit decided to unleash him mighty wrath against the online community.

Here it is. In full. Andy's rant.

I take particular offence to Andrew Marr. I am not drunk, but s**t faced! I don't just rant and rave but go loony at the slightest provocation. Oh and (other than being three days too late to enjoy this particular flash in the pan) I am sooo inadequately endowed that I need to be seedy to get any action!

There, I have set the record straight. Now where's the crack...

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