Monday, 4 October 2010

Irfan Post 13 - A Teaser

At the moment my Hard Drives are full.

Normally, this would be catastrophic.

And it is.

So instead of editing, I am now waiting for the nice guys at **insert name of big online retailer HERE** to deliver me my new 2TB hard drive.

I am colour correct...hurry up!

So while I am waiting, I did a little bit of tinkering to the website - and oh yes, here is a little web page dedicated to 'Irfan' itself. While I wait for the hard drive to arrive, I will probably get down to the dullest job a director can do and that is write an enthusiastic sounding press pack for the film.

(It is needed for the festivals - and they really do need it)

It is not so much the writing, but the graphic design you have to do for it. For Caution Wet Paint, it was really easy, as I could do it in the style of a comic strip. But for 'Irfan', I got to do something a wee bit more serious...

I also cut a Teaser, nothing much, but a small titbit highlighting some of the moments from the film. I must admit, a trailer is going to be hard to cut for 'Irfan' - how can I cut that without giving too much away?

Questions, questions, and more...

Oh well - click here for 'Irfan's' webpage on

And click here for the Teaser (note this is not the trailer).


La Producer said...

excellent footage!

Nick said...

Nice one there...