Monday, 18 October 2010

Irfan Post and Other things

Firstly an update on Irfan's Post Production. So far so good, the sound editing is going ahead, but I am (in my estimation) a week behind, mainly due to the fact that I lost (but through genius managed to recover in full) the edit. I do not want to go through that traumatic experience again, but let me say in brief that while budget film making is crap, budget post-production makes me want to weep.

I estimate a finish on all the sound by the weekend on November 7th (a week past my personal target) but still with enough time to clear the colour correction. While there should not be as much work needed to grade the film as in my previous efforts due to the higher quality of photography, this will still take time as rendering is an all night thing. Yeah, read the link on rendering, it makes sobering news.


Now for life itself. I am on holiday itself! Well, from this evening, I fly out to Sri Lanka for what will be a very quick waltz around this island. Ten days of fun, family and food. And sleep! Most of the time, when I am abroad I do not rest. My sister wrily commented that it is due to the mischief that I get up to. Partly ;)

But mostly, it is because I am always exploring. Whenever I go abroad, it is a new range of stimuli. I am not the kind of guy to sit on a beach and sun bathe with a pina colada in my hand - it just does not even enter my head. That is a kind of torture for me. Usually, I am getting up to, well, mischief ;)

But in Sri Lanka and Seychelles it is different. Family takes precedence, and so knowing this, I take things easy. Slowly - after all, there is plenty of time to see everyone. Plus, I have visited both these places so many times, that for me there is not that much I have left to explore on the budget that I have. So it is also a time for me to sleep. Seeing that I am coming off the back of another record braking low week for rest, I am glad of this break!

See you in a couple of weeks, I am off to see family!

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