Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Pet Likes

People have pet hates, and seem to spout them off Ad nauseam. But how about Pet Likes, you know the complete antithesis of pet hates, the little things that make you smile and perk up your day. Here are a few of my personal little things that make me smile...

Little text messages. Beep-beep, and something comes across the airwaves from a special someone. Maybe it is the romantic in me, but yeah (giggle moment).

Fresh fruit. There is nothing like biting into a ripe piece of fruit. Maybe it is the Australopithecus in me, but yeah (nibble moment).

Autumn. All the season, bar winter are funky times, but Autumn is special. I love all of it, the leaves falling down, the sharp wind, the changeability in weather, the fact that I can sleep in a blanket without feeling like a freak. Maybe it is the Brit in me, but yeah (conversation moment).

Morden Station. Don't ask me me why, but the fact that this far south of the Thames, you can still feel a part of the metropolis makes me awestruck. Even with the reliability of the Northern Line, this has to be one of the city's more unusual termini points, but yeah (London moment).

Biros. The most convenient tool a left hander could ever get a hold of, my graduation from secondary school meant goodbye to lousy ink based fountain pens and hello to the real world. Easily disposed once finished with, this little piece of plastic has been invaluable to my life to this point. If only I was allowed to use it sooner, but yeah (writer's moment).

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Asad said...

The fountain pen (or at least the ones we were forced to use) is one of life's great curses...another great reason for leaving school...