Thursday, 7 October 2010

Rumble in the Jungle...

In recent months, my stomach is not at all well. Not bad by anyone's definition, but by no means good.

(First of all, let me state that the human body really needs a body clock. For various reasons, I do not have one)

I am never satisfied anymore in terms of what I nibble. Whether it is the lingering of a stomach ulcer, or just eating at wrong times of the day, I find myself getting aggravated. Not exactly indigestion, but nothing really healthy either.

Maybe I should sit down and eat, but I just love food on the go!

Mmm, just started writing about it and my stomach has calmed down. I wonder why?

(talk about live blogging here - just check out the time I am writing this baby!)

All right then, I did have something alluding to a funky stomach, but it has gone now.

So what's for breakfast...

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