Tuesday, 5 October 2010

This blog and blogging

This blog has been going on for quite sometime. Since March 2007, longer if you count my now deleted gimpspace profile, I have been blogging, almost daily over here. But the past month has been a mixed bag of blogging. Apart from my adventures to film festivals, it has been all quiet on the blogging front. Why?

Well, firstly, life has been busy. Film editing, McJob plus the film festivals themselves have taken a lot of time from me.

Secondly, I have finished my Crossing Points of the River, which, for the past few years, has been an immense driver of this blog. I am looking for something just as epic, but still nothing has come to my mind for a monthly trip around London town. But that need to blog at least on a semi regular basis has gone.

Thirdly, this blog has been attaining something of a formula, which really does not enthrall me. Tuesdays was London Diary day, Wednesdays was the day to tell the world about my adventures in Post Production. Anyone who knows me well (or even slightly) knows just how much I hate routine and time keeping (outside the film set). This was making my blog formulaic, too predictable, and if there is one thing I do not do, it is predictability.

So what next for this blog. Do I give it up. Well, not quite yet. You see, I do enjoy writing and blogging is a big part of that, but at the moment, fatigue has set in. I am missing a lot of that outdoor stimulation at the moment, with my nose buried to the ground with work, and this reflects in my blogging output. Things will lift after the end of the year, and I do promise myself one big trip somewhere at the beginning of next year. I am not sure where to, but I do fancy doing something f**king crazy. And non film related. Why? Well, it will be a good time to catch up on the writing, always something that I love doing, and the impetus for all my filming. I have some funky ideas planned for 2011-12, but I got to make sure that there is a solid base to utilise, hence the need for a hard working 2010...

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