Saturday, 13 November 2010

At the moment... nephew is sitting on my knee. A mischievous little munchkin if there was ever one! One handed I type as I am about to dive into some editing of my short film Irfan. I have eaten supper, although with my body clock, what is supper and what is breakfast remains all but a mystery to me. My brain is inspired to comment about passing by so I will. The weather remains atrocious, the sign that Autumn has arrived and that we are hurtling towards winter. The end of another year, a moment close to the end, but also not a bad path so far. An old copy of Vanity Fair is on my desk, barely read, I cannot get into it. Pens, a phone card and for some reason, a hair band are also on my desk. I do not have enough hair to justify the ownership of such an object. My computer sits in front of me, imposing itself on my world, a gateway and a prison door, depending on my mood. But the mood that I feel is my own, and today it is a...meh!

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magiceye said...

these moments are to be indulged in!