Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Charlie, talks, life...

I am mumbling away to myself thinking many things, trying to multi task, but of course, failing miserably. For this is the world of El Director, and that means nothing is ever too serious or too peaceful for too long.

One thing I have not done in a while is actually spend some real time exploring London. Since the end of my bridges episode (still an epic achievement in my opinion), there has been very little venturing by me into actually seeing the city I live in, rather than just go through the motions of living in it. I am an explorer by nature, and it looks like that, for the moment, that exploring has come to a definite pause.

As I said, life has been busy. Busy with the post-production for Irfan (I promise an epic blog on that very soon). Busy with the run of the mill distribution for Cautionm Wet Paint - hey, just because you are editing one film, it does not mean everything else comes to a halt. Also busy working McJob (although since this week, I have taken on only my basic hours as thankfully the cash supply in my world has eased up considerably) and there are many other fun things that I have been getting up to - my thirties have been decidedly naughty in their nature ;)

Oh, and because I am pig headed, I still decide to cycle round London instead of motorbike everywhere - a vain attempt to keep fit in the face of mounting winter lethargy, but it works. A healthy body does equate to a healthy mind, unless a lunatic on four wheels decides to use me for target practice. Pig headed as it is slower than motorised transport, but even in this cold air (and I do feel the cold), it is somewhat exhilarating for the body and the mind in a meditative sort of way.

Thankfully, I have been getting some more sleep. Slightly more, but nothing fancy. Just enough to keep me alive, but as this month passes, I will also make sure I take a little bit more care of my health. I have been neglecting myself a lot recently, and it is sheer luck and the fact that I do eat well, that I have not been struck down by swine flu and the like. I am even socked that I got nothing when I went to Sri Lanka this year. For some reason, Sri Lanka always knocks me down with some dirty disease (but not India - I wonder why?). But this time I have emerged unscathed, so life feels...good?

Enough rambling, my mind has emptied enough its thoughts onto this blog wall. So dear reader, how are you all?