Thursday, 25 November 2010

Don't f**k with the Sisko! (Purile but fun post today!)

(Remember, this is based on a fictional world, so don't take this too seriously...)

All right, I am a Star Trek fan. Just type in Star Trek into the search bar in this blog (currently located to the top left of the screen) and you will see what a geek I am.

So who is the greatest Star Trek Captain? It is the one, and only, Sisko!

You can watch here, just how awesome Captain Sisko is.

Let me go through a few of the facts.

He was not as cerebral as Picard, or as gung-ho as Kirk, but you know what Sisko was the ultimate. He became divine at the end of the series, he punched Q, he started and finished a war, he was a good dad and he wept for his dead wife. Both of them. The wife in this universe and the wife in the parallel universe.

But, probably the best thing that Sisko ever did was create the Defiant. You see, when the Borg hit Picard, he mused over a cup of tea and smashes a glass stand. The Borg hit Sisko, so he brooded and then invented the Defiant. The friggin' Defiant - the best Sci-Fi star ship ever! It was a tiny hull attached to multiple cannons. Violence in during Prime Time? Violence that kicked ass? That had the words: Do not F**k with The Sisko emblazoned on the side, like some pimped up ride?

Yes, I have already written about the Defiant.

Okay, you want to see Defiant. Here. Here. And most importantly, here. And that is just for starters.

What better way to get revenge for the death of your wife, then by designing a ship whose sole purpose is to exterminate the people who killed her.

Like it has been stated, do not F with The Sisko...


(Fun Links)

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I will be back on Monday ;)