Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Irfan Post 16 - I despise editing Sound

Let is get this straight. Despite my normally cheery and bright attitude, editing sound is a painstaking process. A crappy picture is forgivable to the eyes, but bad sound is not forgiven by the ears. What makes the baby cry, Barney, or Barney's singing?

I do not want Irfan to sound like Barney. And my head hurts from the sound editing. I want to kill. Now.

Let me explain through pics again. A fairly monotonous process to clean up the vocals to make them sound a little crisper.

Take the original sound clip that I wish to edit and send it through to the sound cleaner:

Next, find a part of the clip that only has background sound. Isolate the background sound and set the filter to detect this noise.

Thirdly, reduce the noise. As your background sound has been set as the noise, you can decide by how much you want to reduce it. If the scene is dubbed, by a hell of a lot, as you are artificially adding in background sound. If it is part of the natural speech (non-dubbed) then only a little, as you need some background sound to add a little harmony to the dialogue.

This is then saved and automatically sent back to the timeline (first pic or see last week's post) and then onto the next clip.

The whole thing is sooooooooooooooo repetitive, which is why my brain is about to fry itself.

But it is almost done, just one scene left to go over with a fine tooth comb and then I am off to Colour Correct. Time passes to my December deadline, ever so quickly!



magiceye said...

filmmaking is real tough! :)
best wishes!!

el director! said...

It is tough, but I do love it - when it is finished!