Monday, 22 November 2010

Me and iTunes just do not get along - bring back Recently Added you bastards!

The problem with a Mac is that you are pretty much locked into Apple with regards to playing your media files. Every time they make an improvement to their freeware (while at the same time charging extortionate amounts for their hardware/software), you basically have to like it or lump it. Some of Apple's closed sourced systems work really well. The design face is nice, and all that and it does run smoothly as they make the computers and the stuff that runs on it.

But there are a lot of dumb things as well, which open source systems seem to fix. The whole Linus Law whereby given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.

iTunes could really do with going Open Source. Of course it won't, it makes money, but every time that Apple decides to do an upgrade, the more I just sigh with impatience.

All right, what is my bugbear this time? Wel, we are now on iTunes 10.1, or whatever. Great. Number 10, X-Factor and all that crap. Well, it is better than iTunes 9.xx - a complete disaster in how not to make an application. iTunes 10 does not have the bugs, but it does miss out one key thing.

Here is the menu tab at the side of the iTunes. It looks perfectly normal, but, annoyingly, there is no more Recently Added Playlist.

Let me explain. You found an old CD in your shed. You got really excited as it contained a great single from the nineties, something like this. So you rip the CD onto your computer, and it ends up in your iTunes library.

Now I have a few playlists, Big Boobies being the playlist that I use the most (hence the playful name). But when you import a tune, it goes into the main library. Now before iTunes 10, this was not a problem. You simply went to the Recently Added playlist, and there would be the song(s) from your old CD collection ready and waiting to be assigned to whatever playlist you desired. Same if you downloaded a tune from an online store. It would go into your music library, but it would also be sitting in the Recently Added playlist, waiting to be moved to wherever you desired.

So useful was this tool that Apple got rid of it in an effort to improve iTunes.

I have been far too busy to complain about this sooner, plus, to be honest, iTunes 10 is just nowhere near as awful as iTunes 9 in terms of functionality, so I have managed to live without it. But it is annoying, and I want my Recently Added to come back, right next to Recently Played on the menu bar of iTunes. Apple, please put back the Recently Added playlist into your next upgrade of iTunes. Pretty please! Or even better, if you are running iTunes 7, do not bother upgrading...


magiceye said...

an apple a day...?

el director! said...

I despise the Apple. Yet again, all computers are my enemies!