Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Motorcycle Diaries (6)

It has been a fair while since I have last posted up something on this blog about my beloved 125cc. That does not mean I was shunted over to four wheels, merely tht I was having so much fun riding the little beastie, that I did not have the time to write up about it!

But, being a bit of an oldie (13 years and counting) there is a continual need for maintenance of this bike. Now maintaining was part of the reason I actually got this bike. I not only wanted a bike that I could ride, but something that I could fix up. If I got a brand new bike, I would have been too scared (by the warranty) to touch it, and if I got something completely unreliable, I would have spent more time fixing the bugger than riding it. Being a CG125 means that I get the perfect balance of riding time, with the odd hiccup to stretch my poor mechanical skills that little bit.

Yes, that is the nearside cover of the bike all splayed apart, and for good reason - a dead battery. I knew my battery was knackered, when the lights were struggling to stay on while the engine was idle. But two weeks in Sri Lanka, and the battery was dead when I arrived back :(

So it was off to the local bile shop, a new battery ordered (just over GBP20) and then a quick replacement.

As you can see the battery itself is only a little thing. Since I ride all the time with the lights on as well, that means two years of power, if I am lucky. Thankfully it is pretty easy to replace the battery. Unclip the wires, take off the breather tube and insert the new battery. Clip everything back on and turn the engine. Again, and again and suddenly it will fire up! Success was mine, and I am finally back on two motorised wheels.

Next step to do - oiling the chain...