Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Motorcycle Diaries (7)

It is that time of the moment again. Something has to be done on my motorbike. Not necessarily a major piece of maintenance, after all, it is a Honda (the only time you will see branding on this blog) and you can ride these bikes into the ground before they conk out on you. Why cant other manufacturers take lessons from the Japanese?

Sorry, yes, another piece of maintenance related blogging. Not because it is needed, but because I feel like it. Well, maybe, there is some necessity in some of the maintenance. First up I needed to lube up my chain, something I have not done since I bought the bike. Naughty me. The chain is covered, which is why my lubing has been non-existent, but even a covered chain needs a little greasing, especially if your chain is squeaking.

Now, my chain guard is missing a bolt, which makes in look unsightly, but means that lubing up the chain is pretty easy, as I do not have to undo so many bolts to reach the chain. Rather, the gap in the chain guard will suffice as access to the chain and allow the spray to reach all the intended parts!

But as it was a sunny day, and my tools were already out, I thought I might as well fiddle with the rest of the bike. So I decided to change the light bulbs. That was the tail and the indicator bulbs (the headlight getting replaced earlier this year, and the side light to be left to another day when I feel like it). I could get a good look at the bulbs and why not, it is winter, and I need the lights to be in tip top now more than ever.

And so I feel good, my chain is rip roaring ready, and my bulbs are shiny bright and squaeky clean. Off to the hills I go! Vroom-vroom...


magiceye said...

happy biking!!
have you read 'zen & the art of motocycle maintenance'? if not, you must!

el director! said...

@magiceye - checked out the title online, might well order the book for holiday reading next year!