Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Hurrah! There is a Royal wedding coming next year, let the festivities begin, gaaw bless 'em, this is a great day for Britain...

Maybe my sarcasm is not cutting enough.

All right, here's the news feed first of all - click to enjoy.

Now, good luck to them and all that, but likewise, good luck to all the newly engaged couples who yesterday revealed to their nearest and dearest their future plans. But unfortunately for me, there is going to be wall-to-wall TV and media coverage of dresses, bouquets and royal protocol. It was there this morning and will be there until the two of them get married/split-up next year.

Am I a republican? Yes. In theory. If I was to set-up a country, a democracy is the best type of government to establish (and I despise governance), and a republic is the best way of facilitating one. But in practice, I have no problem with the monarchy in the UK. It is benign, it is cheaper (and less repulsive) than having, say, President Blair. And in my belief, if the system ain't broke, why fix it. I am not saying the UK's system of governance is perfect, but the problem is not the monarchy, it is merely a distraction from the bigger issues.

And that is one of the reason's why I cannot stand this Royal Wedding. Not for the wedding itself (good luck to the couple) but for the fact that these two people have been given special attention, just due to their birthright, not due to hard work. Likewise, how much of my money, my taxes will be spent on this wedding. Considering all people are equal citizens in this country, will my future wedding (if I get married) receive state aid? Nope.

In these hard times, when students are going to have to pay more for their education, when thousands of people are going to be loosing their jobs, when the weakest in society are going to get the rug pulled out from under them, are we going to spend cash on two over privileged individuals?

I will be honest, I am no fan of any of the above bits of government spending, and I am happy that the government is cutting them (though not the method by which they are doing it). But will it be fair to then spend state money on a wedding? A bit of pomp and ceremony. And especially when the individuals in question can obviously afford it. If the TV companies want to play out the wedding, so be it, I can switch off. If people want to talk about this upcoming event, so be it, I can avoid their conversation. But if the government chooses to spend on this wedding, can I get a rebate?

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