Monday, 29 November 2010

The Wiki-Leaky Cauldron

Wikileaks is back! This time with news that the USA does this and that to get this and that from the world.

I (personally) love the US and the West in general. It is a lot easier to live here. It is because we are free. But it is that freedom that we must constantly be vigilant against. And governments must realise, that they work for us. That is why it is good to see the release by Wikileaks, as we can hold our governments accountable.

To be honest most of the time, we already know what the USA (and its allies) is getting up to, so a lot of these leaks are actually no great surprise, just a confirmation of reality. And to be honest, I do a agree with a lot of what the USA does or what they are on the look out for. Not the bit about killing people in the name of oil, sorry, the Iraq war. But things like looking after their citizens or actually questioning China's shipment of nuclear materials seems to be in our own interests.

Long may the scrutinising of our governments or their inter-locking involvements continue! It may make our politicians squirm, but they have to learn that sometimes a little honesty goes a long way. And to be honest, what is the worst that can happen - just a few red faces. The revalations are not that, well, revealing. All in all, something to look at, something of great interest, but confirmation that life goes on...