Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Bicycle Diaries - More Winter Fun!

It was snowing last week in London. And so common sense dictated that I must use my bicycle to get to work!


It is time to adapt the bicycle to the winter period. I will explain why. I slipped up on the ice and so decided to change the tyres. Not that this is going to do to much good on the ice, but it does help a little. Honest!

The grip tyres are one part of the adaptation to winter. The second is an extra light. It gets very dark now, we will get almost 18 hours of night time come December. The lights will not do much good for seeing in the dark (after all - we have street lights!) but to be seen. There are too many times when cars pull out in front of you. Most of the time, it is because they DO see you cycling, but are just w**kers. However, what is more dangerous is when they DON'T see you and pull out far too close to you.

So I am almost ready for the winter weather. I will change my brake pads next week (need to buy them from the shops) and will be ready for whatever the cold throws at me.

POSTSCRIPT: Yes, while the weather is crappy at this time, it is not that bad to cycle in London. You warm up after ten minutes of riding, and the extremities are well protected from the wind. So all that leaves is for me to keep on slinking through the city...

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magiceye said...

great way to keep warm!!