Thursday, 2 December 2010

Charlie (on holiday) in London (2): Trinity Buoy

Does a holiday count if you decide to stay in the same city? To visit the sights and sounds that is normally mundane and routine? Well, we have a much quoted maxim, you never bother to see Madamme Tussaud's unless a visitor is in town. Well, last month I decided to head out into the city, and explore it, just a little. So join me this week, as I take you on a mini-tour of some of London's more fashionable (and quirky) sights.


London has a lighthouse! We may not be by the seaside, but at the confluence of the River Thames and the River Lea sits Trinity Buoy, London's only lighthouse (no longer functioning). After the main redevelopment of East London in the 1990's, it was sold off and made into an artistic village. An enclave of cool in the East End of the capital!

The view from here is stunning. Right across the Thames from Trinity Buoy, you can see the Millennium Dome, London's Millennial white elephant now London's musical vibe spot. Except when the Jubilee Line is knocked out. Every weekend.

While out to the west lies Canary Wharf. What was once an extension to the City, now firmly established as part of London's financial industry. Skyscrapers that every couple of years changes the skyline as a new tower goes up. Yeah, there is a crane there, which means one new tower is on the way. Again!

Trinity Buoy itself is a bit Higgledy Piggledy. Old bits of maritime debris has been repainted by the resident artists, containers from ships now offices, and some dance schools for a nearby university. Trinity Buoy is great to wander around, and it is a little bit weird. Hey it is an artist's den!

However for me, one of the great things about Trinity Buoy is Fatboy's Diner. Seen in Sliding Doors, it seems a bit stuck out in the middle of nowhere, but the burgers are pretty good, and really, if you want a milkshake, this is where you head to in London. What a breakfast joint!

One more thing to see while you are on Trinity Buoy, is the world's greatest museum. Located in a shed on the site, is the great Faraday, Museum, erm, in a shed. No, really, this is a great place. Michael Faraday did his experiments with electricity here on Trinity Buoy. But that is not the best thing about the museum. The shed is filled with exhibits that you can touch and fiddle with. Remarkably trusting for London, but nothing is bolted down. You could steal half of the museum pieces, really, there is no security here. Fantastic for the East End!


Getting there and away:

Trinity Buoy is a bit of a pain in the butt to get to. But I will try to do my best.

East India Station (Docklands Light Railway) is the nearest station to Trinity Buoy, a ten minute walk away. It is a bit tricky to find, but head towards the Lower Lea Crossing and the graffiti on the pavements should guide you there. Take a map. Bus route 277 is the nearest bus, and is on the other side of East India Station.

Or you can swim across the Thames ;)

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