Saturday, 25 December 2010

Irfan Post 18c - The last one on Colour Correction...

...And not before time. The stuff bores me silly, but it is, well, essential to making the pic as beautiful as possible.

Here is a shot from the last scene to be shot. And that scene is normally the director's nightmare. The last scene that is shot is normally the most rushed, the one when the cast and crew is at its most rushed and fatigued. And if it is outdoors, the one where the sunlight level is constantly changing as the sun sets in the sky.

Yeah, note to self, the next time I shoot a final scene, make sure it is indoors...

So this was the scene where I am having the most difficulty in correcting the colours. I knew it when editing, this would be the scene that would stump me. Take a look at the original shot:

Time. When the sun goes down, you are racing against time, and it is humanly impossible to work against the sunlight levels, no matter how much goodwill is on set.

Right, so as you can see, the scene looks really bleached out, and a little red. So first things first, I got rid of the red and slightly darkened the clips in this scene:

Next, I moved onto the secondary corrections and managed to enhance Irfan's face as well as bump up the colour of the car. I also removed some of the light from the fence in the background, so as not to distract from the character's emotion onscreen.

It is Christmas, so I am on the computer? Hell yeah! One of the best day's to start the rendering, but that is another blog post - number 19 - the one that the cast and crew will be almost looking forward to (well, they are waiting for post number 20).

Merry Christmas everyone!


olivia said...

it is really subtle but incredibly effective enhancing the right tone and colour, amazing work.

magiceye said...

hard work!!

have a bountiful season of cheer!!