Friday, 10 December 2010

Routine - New Vid!

A quickie here. As part of a competition of short films to be shown on the Tube. So I made a short twenty second short a couple of weeks ago. It is silent as the competition required and a lot of people have entered as you can see here. Anyway, this film proved a lovely little distraction from editing Irfan, and it was a fun challenge to make such an extremely sort film in such a short time.

'Routine' from Charles Michel Duke on Vimeo.

(If you can't see the vid, then click here to view it!)

Take a peek, click and state that you love this film and fingers crossed, we hopefully get this up and about!


magiceye said...

that was lovely!
will be retiring on 31jul2011!!

super silent movie! says it all!!

el director! said...

Congrats on the upcoming retirement - not long to go!

Glad you liked the movie - it was short and sweet!

Asad said...

Conceptually, absolutely brilliant, as ever. And this baby looks sensational :D

Forza CMD!!