Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happ New Whatever...


Yes, how quaint.

Look at the adverts. Carefully targeted. Eat this lousy cereal and loose the weight...the weight that you put on because for the past four weeks we have encouraged you to binge eat and to binge drink...still, never mind, nothing like a new you that you can buy for yourself.

Or how about, ugh, I give up. I am shopping! Yes, while the rest of the world is now s**t scared about impending doom, gloom, recession and tax rises, I am out to spend, spend, spend! Nothing like an economic kick up the backside. I have cash to burn and my frivolous nature means that I want to shop like hell! It is time to live life for me, and my credit card...except that I do not have a credit card...still, why should that stop me and the government's best attempts for me to save. Look, you're going to have to stop printing the Peso Sterling if you want me to scrimp rather than spend. Because, like every other Brit, I am useless at making anything, but great at spending!

Oh, and it is true. You can buy yourself a better life!

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Asad said...

Carlos at his cynical best here...