Friday, 21 January 2011

Left Handed Studies

This course at the University of Plov is a broad based degree that takes a look at the culture, ethnography, religious beliefs and social systems of the left-handed people. The degree is designed to appeal to students from a variety of backgrounds who:

Wish to know more of the left handed nature of the world.

Wish to begin their left handed study and engage in critical contemporary theory.

Wish to understand cultural left handedness from a global perspective.

Come from other disciplines such as Archaeology, Philosophy, Sociology or Law who wish to expand their expertise and knowledge in their chosen left fields.

The degree offers students a chance to pursue leftist interests by a considered selection of courses to suit their individual needs.

The programme attracts students from all around the world, who are seeking greater understanding of left handed people and their unique personas that have contributed the breadth and depth of this course. Further more, our students have been highly successful in going further into industry that has enabled the betterment of left handed people everywhere. Our centre for Left Handed Studies have included luminaries that have invented the left handed hammer, the left handed mobile phone and the left handed battery.

Prospective students are encouraged to contact Dr Charles Michel Duke, Professor of Left Handed Freaks at an early stage of application on the most appropriate options of study. Students who have had experience in the field of left handedness, including (but not limited to) using a left handed pair of scissors, writing a language from left to right (and not getting persecuted) and fighting South Paw are shown to have used their initiative – unusual for right handers – and so are warmly invited to send their applications onto this course. Candidates are expected to apply with a handwritten letter. Written with their left hand...