Sunday, 2 January 2011

London Diary 39

She waved goodbye to him and closed the door on her room.

She looked out from behind the net curtains, and saw him walk down the road. It was 5am, the sun was coming up, but it was still cold for springtime.

A smile came across her face as she leaned on the window frame looking out on the street below. She saw him cross the road to the bus stop and take out his mobile phone. She cringed a little, realising just how young he was. Eighteen, and just finished school, while here she was, a grown woman, rent, bills, insurance and career.

Okay, the sex is good. Funny, and good. She smiled, yeah, bunny rabbit is an appropriate term. But she felt good, to be admired for sheer sex. She knew there was nothing, just lust, and he must also know that too. And that's when her heart twinged. A little. She thought back to when she was eighteen, all the insecurities and the lousy pop music. How much life had changed in the intervening years, how much personal grooming had changed. Life was different, and yet, the basics were still the same.

Her first time was a few years earlier than eighteen, just like his was. But it was at eighteen when she began to discover sex, instead of fumbling. Still, it took a few more years before she knew what she really wanted and liked. She thought about the years she wasted fretting and worrying. Sometimes it was easier to be a man, or even a boy. Just sitting at the bus stop, waiting, oh no, there he goes, dozing off. How do they do it, sleep so much? At that age all she could do was lie awake at night and think...

She walked over to the mirror and took a look at herself. Her cheeks were flushed, and even when she tried, she could not suppress the grin on her face. Yeah, it was a good night, a good few nights, a good few weeks! She had just wandered into that cafe looking for a quick cup of coffee before starting class, but things had change so much in the past month. But soon she was going to be heading back home. Not too far for a thirty year old woman with a career, but for an eighteen year old starting out in life, well...well...

She was going to miss him. Yeah, he was annoying, he was a kid, and while not old enough to be his mother, give it a few years and, argh, she freaked out. Oh who cares she thought, after all, she was on holiday. And this is all lust and hormones playing its silly game on an ordinary, but fun loving couple couple. But what a game to play!

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