Thursday, 13 January 2011

London Diary 39

Chicken balls with sweet and sour sauce, with egg fried rice. Chinese takeaway, the staple diet of a bachelor on his day off. And disgusting, the whole thing. Who can eat that salty, greasy junk? Well, at least the owner was entertaining, that is, the owner of the takeaway. We chatted about everything from corrupt politicians to Page 3. What more could one want as an appetiser?

Ugh, cold. I hate it. No longer snowing, just windy. And I am tired of it all. Tired of the gloom that I see, tired of the lousy person that I am. Deviant, shifty, never being honest with anyone, but especially with myself.

But then again, why should I be honest. I do not feel like it. Childish as I am, I will play with my own emotions, that of others, and more importantly, will play with the contents of my plastic bag. Egg fried rice and chicken balls, now getting cold. Excuse me while I munch...

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magiceye said...

hunger does that!