Sunday, 23 January 2011

Moment of Genius (or just click on the links for some Sunday fun!)

All right, stick that phrase into Google. And what comes up? Well, in the UK, an advert about Sarah Palin pops up. So of course I had a look. All right, shockingly slick, but genous? Surely, the world's most restrictive, sorry, popular search engine could come up with something better than that?

So I scrolled further down the page, and saw that Catlin had posted on her social network that she was engrossed with a German project. Wow. I feel more fulfilled already. Great that one.

Does anyone else think that I am wasting time?

So why was I looking for a Moment of Genius? Who knows? Maybe I was trying to link up Einstein's theory on whatever, with the notion of reality.

Ah, reality. I love this one. I think the best question to ask is, If no one looks at the moon, will it still be there? Now that is a moment of Pure Genius! Watch that last link, it will screw with your mind!

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