Friday, 14 January 2011

Motorcycle Diaries - A bit of clothing

Far too lazy to take picture, but I bought my first bit of apparel since my gloves - a pair of motorcycle trousers. All right, they are not exactly social wear, but in the (hopefully never to happen) event that I may come off the motorbike, they will stop my leg from shredding into a million pieces.

So, I was on the bike today, riding around, and it felt a bit funny in these motorbike trousers. You see, up until now I have been risking my life in jeans, which is all fun and dandy, but to be honest, if you ever come off the bike, your body is not hitting tarmac, but tarmac at speed, which is like hitting a cheese grater (I loved my CBT course).

Safer now that I have biking trousers? Well, I have a sadistic approach to motorbiking. I approach each journey as if it will be my last, and then ride carefully. Of course I have done the whole, ride like a bat-out-of-hell thing. After all, I am a guy. But also, to be honest, you look a bit pathetic trying to floor it on a crappy 125cc bike, so you learn to just control your urges and enjoy the ride. The mentality is more important than the clothing.

But, sometimes, you do not know what will happen. The way I look at bike trousers (and jackets) is like this. If I come off the bike, my skin will hopefully stay intact. Plus I will also hopefully not smash up my bones, as there is some padding to protect me from the road or kerb. That is the reason I got those trousers. Oh, and they are fairly waterproof ;)

Oh well, I am rambling and it is far too early in the morning. I want to play Zelda...can I?

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