Thursday, 17 March 2011

Irfan Distribution 3 - 'Distribution'

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I get paid every Friday. And so once a week, I take a look at the film festivals in my inbox and trot down to the post office to spend my wages on postage. For Caution Wet Paint I spent nearly £1,000 on stationary like stamps, DVD's, DVD cases and envelopes. Distribution is expensive stuff, but it is the only way of getting the film seen at festivals. So far I have submitted Irfan to the grand total of 24 festivals. That may not sound like a lot but that is more than three a week since the completion of the DVD's at the end of January.

And unfortunately, every festival wants it done differently. I have said it before for my last film, Jay and Kay Save the World, and I will say it again. Distribution is a thankless task. More so because the turnaround time is sooo long. But it is the thing to do. Just keep distributing. This is a a long and lonesome road that this director walks down...

So this is a thankless task. And one that has a long turnaround time. I do not expect the first replies to my festival hunt until May or June. Although I hope to get more success than CWP, you never know what can happen.


On a side note, do not think I have forgotten the two little imps at Caution Wet Paint either. Two years down the line, distribution is still going for Jay and Kay Save the World. In fact over the past week, a further half a dozen festivals have received the screener copy and over the month, eight festivals have been contacted about that comedy short. The lag time for films is ridiculous, but that is the way this slow moving industry works...sigh!

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magiceye said...

phew... sure is a lot of hard work after creative output!