Monday, 28 March 2011

London Diary 43

Queues are crap to stand in. Come on, I have better things to do, but it's the only free time I got in the day. I got to work the night shift tonight. Building a life on £6.37 an hour, what kind of a life am I leading. Here I am, putting a pittance away. One hundred pounds, what is that going to do for me. A rainy day, that is what I am thinking of. That is why I am saving. Oh what's the use, a hope against hope.

Love, it is a funny thing. You do strange things because of it. I can see right now, in a room in the bank, two members of their staff. The lady wears sharp stiletto heels and while her lover sits, she stands, walking close to his legs. They are talking and it looks serious. She's attractive, approaching middle age, her best days are behind her and she wears no wedding ring, unlike her lover. She struts a bit in the office, the door slightly ajar. Her eyes catch mine and for an instant we can see into each others souls. I see the lies and deception that was fed to her all vanishing in that office. And she sees in my eyes, the slowly fading light of false hope.

It is funny. When we are young, we believe that we are swept off our feet by our perfect love. To find, cherish and grow old together with. To build a family, a future and a legacy for both of us that will stretch far into the future.

But things happen to us as we really begin to live in this world. Those childish dreams of floating castles and moonlit walks slowly evaporate. We realise, slowly at first, that our ideal thoughts and ideals are thrown out of the window. And what is left. Me, penniless, in a bank, clutching onto the small fortune that would not even last me a month should I need to call upon it. She, realising that no matter how much she purrs and tries to convince him, she will always be alone. The hopes and dreams she pinned on him, useless.

She walks out of the little office, and wipes away a tear, to another side of the bank branch, getting ready to sell a personal loan or something equally entertaining. A few moments later, he walks out, looking guilty, a wedding band on his finger. The queue moves forward, and suddenly I am called up to place my cash in the bank.

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