Sunday, 17 April 2011

Charlie's Second Holiday to Poland - Kornik Castle

A short bus ride outside Poznan lies the town of Kornik. And this is it.

To be honest, there is no reason to actually visit the town per se. Sure there is a pretty lake nearby, but the town itself is a dull, drab, commuter ville. Except for one, huge thing which lies on the edge of the town, close to the lake - Kornik Castle!

A very brief history, it was constructed by a local noble family in the 17th Century. It was then repaired, rebuilt, passed onto other nobles. Pretty much like any other castle in this part of Europe. And inside Kornik you can get a slice of some recent Polish history. Take a look at the piano that Chopin tinkered on. The armaments used to defend the country. Hell, even a printed work from Copernicus.

Inside the castle, the decorations are fantastic. Coats of arms on the ornate ceilings, wonderful paintings of past lords and nobles, beautiful pillars supporting the structure and a winding staircase leading to a tantilising tower that is not open to the public :(

Outside Kornik Castle is a arboretum, the beautiful grounds of the castle. As spring had just cracked when I was in Poznan, that meant it was winter in the gardens. Right now it must be glorious, but when I was there it was a little chilly. Still, it was beautiful to wander round the grounds of Kornik. Plenty of trees and woodland surround the castle and it is a pretty walk round the grounds.

Getting there and away:

Kornik Castle is a quick bus ride from Poznan. Bus routes 501 and 506 leave every hour to shuttle between Kornik and Poznan. The Castle itself is a five minute walk from the market square.

It costs around 35zl to get into the castle, but there (unfortunately) is no English translations available. Oh and you have to wear slippers (provided) to walk around the castle.

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it is beautiful and lonely!