Monday, 25 April 2011

God Save the Queen...thank godness for the Bank Holiday...and the vote?

Oh yes, it is the Royal Wedding coming up. How lovely, and gut wrenching. For those that are committed monarchists, it stands for the solidifying effect that the Royal Family has on the UK. For those who are committed republicans, it stands for all the despair that they feel in their lives. And for those like me, it is nice to get an extra Bank Holiday.

So the big question is am I a republican or am I a monarchist. Nay, what is actually the bigger question is how am I going to vote in next week's referendum, which will be the first referendum that I will ever be able to partake in since reaching voting age. For me, this whole wedding is a flash, a bit of hocus pocus to keep the hoi polloi happy. But the referendum on voting reform, the first national referendum in a generation is far more important to how we govern ourselves but receives less than an ounce of media coverage. Such is the vapid nature of our media selves, but also society as a whole the whole question of ta referendum has barely come across people's minds, while the whole issue of who is going to this wedding is all over the newspapers.


Oh well, nothing more to do than despair at how awful we are as a country Life must be too damn comfortable if one of the most important decisions in so many years is being left to a generation of imbeciles like us...

It is an important week coming up in the life of Britain. Unfortunately, the really important event, is going to be overshadowed by a frivolous piece of theatre. More to come...

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