Friday, 29 April 2011

Referendum 2011: Why I am voting Yes to AV

I normally do not vote.

That is a fact. In the 12 years that I have legally been able to vote, I have done so three times. Pretty pathetic. But I am making a big thing about voting in this referendum Why?

Firstly, it is an opportunity to express an opinion on how I am governed and who spends my tax money.

Secondly, I am unhappy about the way I am governed. I believe if AV is rejected, then the whole impetus for electoral reform will stall. While all forms of politics are generally pretty awful, I have to be realistic and live within the system. So instead of plainly moaning about it, when there is a chance to change it, I am going to seize the opportunity.

There are plnety of places explaining AV and First Past the Post - our current system, which really does suck nuts. It inspries very little confidence within me, it retains some of the worst MP's, it does breed apathy and the mandate given to many MP's can be shockingly low.

I am not sure if I want full PR, but the current system certainly does not work. The amount of cash scandals in the last Parliament saw to that along with the number of corrupt cheque waving tossers who were re-elected. Ugh, it just simply failed in every way.

I am under no illusions, the country (who decides to vote) will overwhelmingly vote no. It is sad, but there has been a real lack of interest in this debate. I am not so naive to believe that things can only get better, but if only there had been some real fire, even approaching last year's televised debates. But there is not, ignorance and apahy will dominate the second national referendum ever. But I will still vote yes, but not for the reasons you probably thought of...

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magiceye said...

The AV system seems interesting. Just read about it. This system will discourage mainstream parties from sponsoring candidates just to divide the votes. Will also reduce horse trading at a later stage. Makes sense, Good choice Sir!