Friday, 22 April 2011

What's the surprise?

And this came through my letterbox yesterday, while I was out and about getting meat and other things from my journeys through South London:

A sign of getting old, but I will blog on this. When you are a child, a letter through the mail box is one of the great joys in life Through your teens, letters become a sign of aging, and each one is scruitinised and studied. But at some point, letters become unimportant. Maybe it is the avalanche of bills and bank statements along with paltry payslips that wears your joy away. Or maybe it is the pace of life that makes you forget that you even have a letter. Even the occasional birthday or Christmas card becomes something that is ignored rather than celebrated.

Anyhow, as I said, I got this notice yesterday. Unusual, as I have not ordered anything through the post recently. So who is it from, is it something important, or something fun? I am not expecting any important letters, or deliveries from anyone official or intimate. And as I missed the postman, I have to head off to the sorting office (a few minutes walk) to find out what this is. Unfortunately, today being a Bank Holiday in the UK, I have to wait until tomorrow to reveal my surprise...


el director! said...

and thank you for all the comments yesterday too!

magiceye said...

nail biting suspense!