Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Yes or No - a choice or more formally, a referendum

If I wanted to increase the hits to this blog, it is pretty simple what I have to do, especially since I am living in London.

1) Drag a photo of Prince WIlliam and Catherine Middleton off the web. Something like this.

2) Talk abut dresses. Or guest lists. Or republicanism.

3) Repeat, rinse and recycle.

But as I mentioned yesterday, there is a far more serious matter on hand in the next week, and that is the first national referendum since 1975. You see, the UK is a funny place, because Britain (or England and Scotland back then) never had a successful revolution, Parliament can act with the authority of a despot, as the monarch gradually seceded powers to it. And it does, we basically elect a dictator every five years, such is the way our democracy works. We have no constitution, we have no guarantee of freedom and to be honest, if it was not for the EU, we may have even more oppressive laws.

And yet, the debate on the referendum has been paltry. In fact, less people will probably vote in next week's referendum than will watch the Royal Wedding.

And that is scary, because unlike the Royal Family, there will be some real ramifications to our lives after May 5th's vote.

So how will I vote? Well, I think I will talk about that tomorrow?

And I expect my blog stats to be really low after this. Sad, but that is what the public wants. More glitter instead of substance. But then again, we cannot com-lain about the politicians if we don't use the chance to change the way they work...

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magiceye said...

it is unfortunate
that everybody wants to criticise but not participate