Sunday, 22 May 2011

The end of the World - Rapture!

Why are you here?

You should all be dead by now.

Didn't you hear of the Rapture?

Well, you know, being alive is such an inconvenience. I had my final day planned out just right.

I had my final meal (Donner Kebab), my final drink (the perfect pint of beer) and my perfect night out (with Ken Clarke).

But here I am this morning. Judgement Day has not turned up, and this is where I am. Here, blogging, complaining and looking back at a week of tomfoolery...oh well, at least yesterday was sunny!


Nick said...

Why does he want to destroy the world anyway? Doesn't make sense after going to all that trouble...

magiceye said...

:) arent you in raptures?! :)