Friday, 6 May 2011

The Motorcycle Diaries (12) - A New Exhaust...

When I bought my bike it was good but had a few things which needed to be fixed here and there. One of them was my exhaust. Given the bike is 13 years old, the exhaust pipe is probably the same age, and needed to be replaced. A long time ago. It was mentioned on the last MOT that it was due for replacement, and so I knew that for this year's, that will be something that it fails on.

Yeah, so there I went, going away at my bike. Four bolts attach the exhaust pipe to the bike, plus another (large one) needed to be loosened so I could fiddle the pipe into place.

I ordered my exhaust online, and it came with a gasket. And if you are thinking of replacing the exhaust pipe do not do what I did. Actually fit the gasket in. Ugh, I am stupid, but I had to take off my exhaust pipe and re-do it. As I was crushing the box the exhaust pipe came in, out slipped the gasket. Yeah, yeah, I am a dumb prat, but hey, I did it! Again. Gasket fitted (in between exhaust pipe and the engine outlet - a bit tricky to do) and some funky fumes emitted from it as I started the engine, but the bike is as good as new.

And to be honest, my new exhaust pipe makes the bike look so much better. And here is the old one.

Yeah, it needed I ride into summer!

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