Friday, 27 May 2011


You know the types.

Men who go strut. Bling-bling, big cars, flashy jewellery, smart phones, good cars.

An image that has been worked on so hard, it is perfect. Like a piece of glass crystal.

Worthless and easy to shatter.

Nice car. Where do you live? In a box room, living off credit cards to finance that widescreen TV?

Hey, you really stand out in the club. Getting laid. Better make sure you get protection, otherwise that kid popping out is going to cost you more than that iPhone.

Ugh, yeah, London is full of these tough guys. Looking cool and muscular. And filled with gold.


That is all you are. Slaves to an image crafted by someone else. So instead of doing something worthwhile, for yourself, you can strut like a peacock for one night, looking cool. For some image crafter.

I hope it makes you feel better. Because this is as good as your so called life actually gets! And yes, it is Friday again. So you better get that aftershave out...


magiceye said...


loved it!

Asad said...

So true for the vast majority of these posers, though some of them really do have unimaginable wealth...