Thursday, 26 May 2011

Talk cheap, but it can also be good.

It can be a friend or foe. Sometimes you say the right things, at other times you just screw it up.

Language can be a barrier as well as a bridge between two people.

Great when you are quoted correctly, awful when you are misquoted. Even worse when someone actually remembers what you said.

Talk however can cost you. If it is the wrong thing you said, it can cost you much more than cash. Friends, reputation, and everything more. It can collapse you world.

But without talking, where would we be. Uncommunicative, hermits. The ideas and thoughts, the collaborations that exist. It is the whole of humanity that is built on what we say. From the first utterances we make as children to our dying breath, what we say can impact far beyond our lives, onto the existences of many others.

Talking helps when it is needed. Many times it is the right thing to say. Sometimes it isn't, but the fact you said something helps, often more than you think.

But talk can be forgotten quickly. Which is why I love the written word. What is noted down is often far more precious than what is spoken. And far more legal...

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