Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Man of Peace in Westminster

RIP Brian Haw, the longstanding protester against the government's wars since 2001.

(Photo by David Hunt)

A continual thorn in the government's side or an eyesore. That is how most people viewed him. A modern day Gandhi, or a sponger off the state. History, not me shall be the judge. But think about it. How he completely embarrassed the mighty Blair, Brown and Cameron, highlighting their violence on other people. Remember, these guys where respectable suits and do not get their hands dirty with the mucky business of war. No, that is left to soldiers fighting for oil and civilian mistakes, sorry, casualties.

And no matter how much all these PM's tried, they did not dislodge him. Soon enough the peace protest in Westminster will come to an end, because after all the 'public' doe not like a blight on the fair greenway outside Parliament. But remember you corrupt little fuckers in Westmister, we really do not like you. Understand that word, really. It feels just like school, always turning your back, looking over your shoulder in case you get beaten up. Yeah, it is still the same now. Unlike the venerable Brian Haw, I hope you all never find any peace where you are going...


magiceye said...

we have our civil movement against a corrupt government going on demanding change

el director! said...

@magiceye - we all need a civil movement - it is the sign of a healthy democracy. but really, it was shocking how our politicians tried to shut this man up.