Saturday, 18 June 2011

Porto's Weird and Wonderful 'Sights'

Little dinky houses overlooking the waterfront. How quaint. How pretty. How very Porto. Like everything else in this beautiful town, the quirky, the old and the new merge into one seamless blend of urban living. The tiles may be falling in on the collapsed roofs, but these houses are probably priceless for their owners.

Yes. The Cookie Monster. 'Nuff said...

How many men have said this to how many women, and yet we still come back to them. We are crazy, or at least sex-crazed, deranged fools. Or lovesick. Well, whatever, you drive me up the wall!

And at least someone gets a great vantage point of the city, in this case, by the Cathedral which is right next to the Dom Luis Bridge.

I cannot recommend this city enough. I do not know why Portugal's tourist board insists on advertising the Algarve, when Porto has to be one of Europe's best kept secrets!